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Bindery & Fulfillment


We offer dozens of commercial level services to complete both commercial size and smaller projects effortlessly. Be sure to review our technical capabilities, which contains a partial list of our equipment or click any of the icons below to learn more. If you would like to learn more about pricing, please give us a call at 770-242-1988.

Poly Bagging

We use state of the art computer controlled baggers technology to provide you with another creative direct mail solution to package multiple items or single pieces in a poly bag. Poly bagging can be accompolished with clear, opague or pre-printed bags, with or without labels. If you’re interested in learning more about poly bagging, please contact our direct marketing specialists and they will be happy to assist you.

Hand Inserting

Machine insertion isn’t always appropriate and we can accommodate these special sitatuations. Whether just for low volume standard jobs or pop up mailers, interactive mailers and other types of unique promotional pieces, we can manually insert what you like. This is also a suitable option for magazine publishers who may require hand inserts and poly bagging.


Do you have several printed components requiring offline collating? Depending on the complexity of tiyr project, this can be automated or manually performed. Generally, if the pieces within a document set have similar characteristics they can be collated with an automated piece of equipment; however, if the components of a particular document set are dissimilar – such as a saddle-stitched product catalog, two Z-folded brochures, a dozen multi-part order forms and a business card – this would not be better suited for manual collation. We can perform either, no matter the complexity.

Custom Handwork

Pocket Folder Assembly

Machine Folding

Hand Folding


Tabbing folded mail pieces


Wafer Sealing



Hot Glue
Cold Glue
Remoistable Glue

Shrink Wrapping